Breeding Policy   ケネル ガラシャの繁殖の方針

ただし、必要な個人情報を お願いする場合があります。

We sometimes breed Scottish Terrier.
When we have a breeding, we will contact with the customer who makes a reservation.
Please let us know your information when you make a reservation.



【Our breeding policy】

① We take care we have Scotch terrier breeding with “very few genetic / malformed diseases”.
② We disclose information clearly about congenital problems and acquired problems.
③ We keep in mind that Scottish Terrier breeding is based on the standards of FCI and JKC.
④ We attach importance to the systematic breeding.
⑤ We avoid extreme inbreeding.
⑥ We aim for breeding healthy individuals, but we will stop breeding in case we find healthy problems.
⑦ we use healthy blood line only. I attach importance to breed only healthy individuals. In case we bleed with new blood of the imported dog, there is possibility of the standard size difference, but there is no problem about the health.
* Microchip installed when we hand over the dog. Dog owner will join JKC (Japan Kennel club) when the puppies are handed over. (Residents in Japan only) Dog owner can hold the puppies' healthy life and have a periodical medical check such as rabies vaccine with the veterinarian.